NECTAR Vulva + Vagina Mapping

A practice in service to your pussy blood and soul

work with me 


A welcoming back home to the forest, meadow, rivers and mountains that is within your body. I will guide you through the anatomy of your vulva, vagina, pelvic bowl.  

Nectar is an opportunity to experience yourself, your tissue, the nectar that lives within you in a totally different way, and develop true body literacy.

Mapping your body learn how to release stuck/dehydrated tissue, release your pelvic diaphragm and open up to your fluidity. 

3.5 Hour online experiential workshop with Carly Rae

June 23 9am pst

A guided hands on hands in vulva and vagina mapping session

$196.00 USD


Being able to hold yourself if triggers or any stored memories/sensations rise to the surface. You will be held in the container
but also must be able to resource yourself through any waves you experience in
the session.

Your camera will be off while doing the hands on vulva and vagina work. Nectar sessions are ONLINE. I recommend joining live, nothing compares to being live with a large group of women diving into our bodies together.  If you wish to ask me questions joining live is necessary.  NECTAR is recorded and you have access to the recording within the Circle Membership container for 28 days after which you can choose to stay in the container for $13/month.

If touching your vulva and vagina feels overwhelming to you then this class is not
for you at this time. There are no refunds. Please be clear about your choice to join.

This class calls for radical self responsibility

Pussy + Womb Wisdom 

Receive monthly medicine


There is an ocean that lives within you.  That is here to support you, nourish you, open you into the truth of who you are.  Lets drop into that ocean.

let's drop in