I believe this archetype lives within every woman, but we have forgotten this deep truth that pulses within the depths of our wombs and in that forgetting we have abandoned who we really are.

She is a woman who weaves her unique magic in her world.
She feels, listens, and moves with the whispers of her bodies
innate intelligence.

She claims her rightful size and place in this world. 

She is devoted to the remembrance and full embodiment
of the Feminine.  

She is SOUL-led.

An autonomous feminine being creating, gestating, birthing her soul’s truth. Without compromise.

I believe every woman is a CREATRIX

CREATRIX sessions are multi-day, ceremonial, in person, hands on hands in bodywork sessions with me.

// An unwinding of the layers of conditioning and restriction we have held in our tissue in this lifetime, across many lifetimes, across our lineage
// A deep opening into the full depth and  expansion of your body
// An activation of your self-healer
// A reclamation of your feminine nature.


// Pelvic imbalance
// Uterine misalignment
// Breast pain, cysts, lumps
// Healing after STI’s
// Sexual trauma
// Birth trauma
// Abnormal paps, HPV, cervical imbalances
// Incontinence
// Postpartum healing
// Post-surgical healing (cesarean, gynecological surgery,  mastectomy, pelvic reconstructive surgery, episiotomy)
// Infertility, difficulty conceiving, chronic miscarriages

Imbalances that can be worked with in sessions:

// Painful/ irregular menstruation
// Painful/ irregular ovulation
// Difficult menopause
// Digestive issues/chronic constipation
// Pelvic organ prolapse
// Endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, cysts, polyps
// Varicose veins
// Painful intercourse
// Clear pelvic congestion/stagnation
// Scar tissue

Pussy + Womb Wisdom 

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