a guided deep dive into female body literacy with Carly Rae

work with me


I trust the whisper or scream that came through you and called you to my work.

I am here in service to your feminine hunger, the life force that is yearning to know your whole body, to remember what it is fully live in your animal body, to trust your instinctual rhythmic nature, and come back home into your body.

a journey of devotion into your wild feminine geography


You must be ready for a 12-month commitment at $222 USD per month


You must be ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your experience


You must be a meat eater


No IUD’s allowed in this space, we cannot move the position of your uterus with an IUD in place


There are a few agreements that are necessary to agree upon before stepping on this path me


There is nudity in this container. I use my body to teach so being comfortable with witnessing another woman’s nude body is necessary.

true body literacy of the female body + our instinctual cyclical nature

A yearlong medicine journey into

// Head/jaw/mouth
// Organs
// Vagus nerve
// Lymphatic body
// Breasts
// Abdomen
// Pelvis
// Ovaries
// Uterus
// Cervix
// Vagina
// Vulva
// Anus

In this container we will be journeying into self-bodywork working with:

I will be teaching you self-hands on techniques, scar tissue work, breathwork and embodiment practices working with your body, with the intention of bringing your whole system home into alignment and harmony. The foundation of my body of work is working with the fascial matrix, the connective tissue of the body, and the pelvic bowl. 

We will be bringing the pelvic bowl and uterus, cervix, ovaries back into alignment, mending and weaving scar tissue/adhesion back into the healthy tissue surrounding it. All working with your body to live in alignment allowing flow of blood, lymph, energy, nerves to move freely through the whole body. Your hands, breath, intention are self-healers, come remember.

Allowing your soft animal body to come back into presence, authority, and living from this place. Moving, breathing, feeding, feeling, being, your truth.

This is a journey of ritual, ceremony, and devotion to your body. Living in rhythm with your cyclical nature.


// You can write and share about your experience.
// Ask any questions about your body, the work, anything at all, there is nothing off limits or taboo. I am here to talk about it all with you.
// Share pictures, videos of your body, blood, discharge.
// Have access to all embodiment + coaching calls as they are recorded.

We gather weekly  for 30 min embodiment rituals and 1 3hr coaching call per month that is the 3rd sunday morning every month. 
FLESH + BLOOD is a rolling container she is always open, so you can join any time. There is no opening or closing date. Your journey starts the day you join.

If you have any questions contact me through the CONTACT page.

We gather in a Mighty Networks group:

There is nudity in this container, you will be seeing my breasts, vulva, whole naked body as I use my body to teach the techniques. There are no refunds, no cancellations. The minimum commitment is 12 months at $222 USD per month. Be clear and ready about your decision to join.

There is an ocean that lives within you. That is here to support you, nourish you, open you into the truth of who you are. Lets drop into that ocean.

Receive monthly medicine


Working with our tissue in a slow and deeply intentional way, using our hands to contact our flesh, staying with our bodies and breath throughout the experience, we open our body and brain to new possibilities.

As we open our body to possibility we open up on all levels to transformation we may have never imagined. 

Are you ready?